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Indoor Anodizing Line Equipment 19000a Intelligent Operation Control

Indoor Anodizing Line Equipment 19000a Intelligent Operation Control
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Feature: Multiple Process Stages
Advantage: Improved Efficiency
Power Supply AC Power: 50HZ, 380V ± 10%
Static Leaching Time: 0 - 180 Seconds Adjustable
Direct Current Rise Time: 10 - 50 Seconds
DC Duration: 0 - 180 Seconds
AC To DC Conversion Time: 5-0 Seconds
Adjustable AC Rise: 25-50 Seconds
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Indoor Anodizing Line Equipment


Anodizing Line Equipment 19000A

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MEI-ALU
Model Number: EDAC-12--19000A
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Export Stander Packing
Delivery Time: 20-30days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 20pcs/month
Product Description

Indoor Anodizing Line Equipment 19000a Intelligent Operation Control




1. The process usually begins with a pre-treatment stage to prepare the metal surface for anodizing.

2. The anodizing tanks are the core of the production line. These tanks are typically made of acid-resistant materials such as titanium or high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

3. The metal to be anodized is immersed in the electrolyte solution and serves as the anode (+) in an electrical circuit. A cathode (-) is also present in the tank, usually made of lead or stainless steel.

4. In some cases, the anodized aluminum may undergo a coloring process to achieve a desired appearance.



Quick Details

1. Anodizing production lines may incorporate various quality control systems to ensure consistent and high-quality anodized finishes.

2. Advanced anodizing production lines can feature process monitoring and automation systems.

3. Safety features are crucial in an anodizing production line. These features can include fume extraction systems, protective enclosures, emergency shut-off controls, and safety interlocks to protect operators and the environment.

4. Anodizing production line equipment often incorporates features for ease of maintenance and serviceability. These can include access panels, quick disconnects, and diagnostic systems to facilitate maintenance, troubleshooting, and minimize downtime.



The EOE-09A silicon controlled rectifier power supply is a high-standard energy-saving product designed for specific DC power supply applications, such as aluminum alloy anodizing, surface hard oxidation of aluminum alloy pots, electrolytic container formation using aluminum foil, and electrolysis. It was developed based on the performance of Italian rectifier power supplies, conforming to the IEC-146 standard, and incorporating special oxidation process requirements.

Key features of the EOE-09A power supply include:

  1. Anodizing line equipment prioritizes safety features to protect operators and the environment.
  2. Anodizing line equipment often provides customizable racking and part fixturing options to securely hold and suspend the metal parts during the anodizing process. 
  3. Temperature is a critical parameter in anodizing processes. Anodizing line equipment may include heating and cooling systems to achieve precise temperature control in the process tanks. 
  4. Intelligent operation control screen: An intelligent touch screen allows for easy status and parameter setting, data display, and fault detection.
  5. PLC communication: The power supply can communicate with an upper computer system, enabling online control and data acquisition.
  6. Soft start and soft descent adjustment: The power supply includes functions for adjusting the startup and shutdown process smoothly.
  7. Stable voltage and current modes: The intelligent touch screen supports stable voltage mode, stable current mode, and area mode operations.

The usage criteria for the EOE-09A series products are as follows:

  1. Indoor use: These power supplies are designed for indoor applications.
  2. Normal usage conditions:
  • Altitude: Sea level up to 1000 meters (above 1000 meters, usage may need to be adjusted accordingly).
  • Environmental temperature: Operating range from -15 to +40 ℃.
  • Relative humidity: Air relative humidity should be below 85%.
  • Installation site conditions: No presence of gases, vapors, chemical deposits, dust, dirt, or other corrosive media that can significantly impact power supply insulation.
  • Installation stability: The site should be free from severe vibrations or turbulence.
  • Power grid fluctuation: Fluctuations in the power grid supply should not exceed ±10%.
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