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Anodizing Line Equipment AC Power Automatic Compensation Filter

Anodizing Line Equipment AC Power Automatic Compensation Filter
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Current: 50Hz,380V
Name: Anodizing Line Equipment
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MEI-ALU
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Packaging Details: Export Stander Packing
Delivery Time: 20-30days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 20pcs/month
Product Description


Automatic compensation filter


With the development of our economy, power electronics equipment has been widely used, due to the large amount of non-linear load, such as rectifier device, smelting furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, high-frequency furnace, single crystal furnace, such as motor harmonic sources harmonic pollution to power network, power quality is becoming worse, cause the huge waste of energy and endanger safety of electrical equipment.

The harmonic problem has been paid more and more attention to by the power departments.

In view of this situation, our factory developed and produced AC power filter (also known as LC harmonic processor), using LC resonance principle, through the monitoring and analysis of harmonic source, in the power supply to add series resonant branch, used to filter the contained harmonics, so that it does not inject into the grid.

Greatly improve the power factor of power grid, to avoid the power grid harmonic caused by equipment is not normal work, etc., according to different situations, such as rectifier nonlinear harmonic source output parameters of the same circumstances, can make the grid into the line current by 20% - 30% save electricity, reduce the production cost of the product, improve the market competition ability of the product.

This series of products has the characteristics of advanced design principle, low cost, simple structure, high standardization, obvious harmonic absorption effect and so on.

It can effectively filter the high harmonic, reduce the incoming current and improve the power factor of the power grid.



Main technical parameters and functions:


1. This product is mainly aimed at three-phase four-wire power supply: 50Hz, 380V.

2. Special processing of 5N, 7N, 11N and other harmonics generated by the rectifier, harmonic filter rate ≥80%.

3. Under the condition of the same output current parameters of the original rectifier, the incoming line current from the grid decreases by 20 -- 30%.

4. With over current, over pressure, under pressure, lack of equal protection system.

5. The grid power factor of the rectifier is increased to more than 0.90.

6. Linkage with oxidation power supply, no manual operation after startup, automatically start the filtering system when the line current reaches a certain value.




Conditions of use:


The product is suitable for indoor use. Normal use conditions are as follows:

(1) The altitude shall not be more than 1000m.

(For more than 1000 meters, use capacity shall be determined according to relevant regulations)

(2) Ambient temperature is not greater than 50℃

(3) The relative humidity of the air shall not be greater than 85%.

(4) no explosive gas in the environment, basically no corrosive medium.

(5) The power supply is three-phase, 50Hz, 380V.


Method of installation and operation:

1. The inductance of each reactor has been adjusted before the product leaves the factory. Therefore, it is not allowed to remove any of the reactors

Screw, otherwise, may make the filter inoperative, serious cases can cause failure

Determine the service cross-sectional area of the cable according to the rated power of the oxidized power source, and pay attention to the connection end of the power grid and the connection end of the rectifier on the filter.

2. The wiring terminal of the zero line is connected to the zero line of 2-4mm2.

3. After connecting each cable in the above way, send it to the power supply, and pay attention to whether the wind direction of the fan on the top of the machine is correct;

If the wind direction is down, please change the phase sequence of the fan input power supply.

4. Open the working switch of the filter, and the filter will automatically be in the working state without any operation. At this time, as long as the oxidation rectifier works, the filter will work the corresponding filtering system.

When the oxidation rectifier is turned off, the filter stops working.

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