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Customization And Flexibility Automated Anodizing Line Aluminium Alloy Profile

Customization And Flexibility Automated Anodizing Line Aluminium Alloy Profile
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Ddvantage: Electrical Insulation
Feature: Customization And Flexibility
Operation Mode: Semiautomatic Or Automatic
Anodizing Film Thickness: 8-12µm
Max Profile Length: 6500mm
Racking Method: Manaul Racking System
Tanks Inside Size: 8000*width*3500
Voltage: 380V~415v
High Light:

Flexibility Automated Anodizing Line


Customization Automated Anodizing Line


Aluminium Alloy Profile Automated Anodizing Line

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MEI-AL
Model Number: APL-3000T
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Export Stander Packing
Delivery Time: 180-200days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1set/6 months
Product Description

Customization and Flexibility Automated Anodizing Line Aluminium Alloy Profile



1.Anodizing production lines can accommodate different variations of the anodizing process to achieve specific results.

2.Anodizing production lines often incorporate systems to control the thickness of the anodized layer on the metal objects.

3.Some anodizing production lines are capable of performing Type III hard anodizing, also known as sulfuric acid hard anodizing or hardcoat anodizing.



1.Modern anodizing production lines often incorporate automation and advanced control systems to enhance efficiency and consistency.

2.The design of racks and fixturing used in the production line is crucial for optimal anodizing results.

3.Anodizing production lines can consume significant amounts of electricity, especially during the anodizing process.


三. Design Condition

1 Alloy Aluminium 6061 to 6063 or others
2 Anodizing film thinkness 9~ 12µm micron
3 Average coverage area 350m²/T (ton)
4 Max aluminium profile length 6500mm
5 Extrusion ratio 2.5kg/m²
6 Working hour/m 300d/m x 20h/d = 600h/m
7 Racking system Three fixtures /rack
8 Racking operation Mamual
9 Equipment Usage Rate 0.9
10 Power supply AC 3phase 380v 50hz
11 Control Power AC220V 50Hz
12 Water supply  2kg/cm²·G
13 Hot steam  6kg/cm²·G
14 Compressor air  6kg/cm²·G


四.Process Tank


1 Degreasing 【Free sulfuric acid 180±30 g/l】 1 Tank
2 Alkaline Etching【Free alkali 40-60g/l,Al3+ 30-120g/】 2 Tanks
3 Neutralization 【Free sulfuric acid180±20g/l】 1 Tank
4 Anodising 【Free sulfuric acid 140-180g/l,Al3+≤20g/l】 

8 Tanks

5 Colouring 【stannous sulfate 3-8g/l,Free sulfuric acid 15-25g/l,PH 0.8-1.2】

3 Tanks

6 Medium Temperature Sealing【PH 5-6.5,Nickel ion0.8-1.3g/l,Fluorion0.3-0.7 g/l】

 3 Tank

五.Treatment Process:

  1. Degreasing
    (1) 6jig(rack)/ tank x 1 tank
    (2) treatment time: 2-5min
  2. Alkaline Etching
    (1) 6jig(rack) / tank x 2 tank
    (2) treatment time: 3-15min
  3. Neutralization
    (1) 6jig(rack) / tank x 1 tank
    (2) treatment time: 1-5min
  4. Anodizing
    (1) 3 jig(rack)/tank x 8tanks = 24jig(rack)
    (2) Current density: 130A/m²
    (3) Process time: 26min
    (4) Unprocess time: 7min
    (5) Total time 26+7=33min

(6) Average anodizing layer : 0.36*1.3*26*0.77 =9.4um

  1. Colour 1

1) Clour process: Mix Salts

2) Quantity: 3 jig(rack)/tank x 1tanks = 3jig(rack)

3) Current density: 70A

4) Process time: 2-8min


6. Sealing
1) Sealing menthod: Sealing at Medium or Normal Temperature
Quantity:6jig(rack)/tank x 1 tank
3) Process time 10-15min


六. Design Parameter and Setting

1. Anodizing treatment area:
1) Each anodizing process tank need 33min ,where total jig(rack)/year:

( 3 rack x 8 tank x 60min/h) ÷33min x600 hour =26181jig(rack)

2) Design 50m²/jig(rack) . Where every tank is 100m²
3) Area treatment/year :
26181jig(rack)x 50m² /jig =1309050m²


2. Anodizing treatment weight:
Monthly output : 1309050m²÷350m²/T*0.9=3366T≧3000T


3. Power consumption:
1) Anodising Tank:100m²/tank* 130A/ m²÷0.9=14444A/tank

Power Rectifier : 15000A =3unit
2) Clouring tank: 100㎡/tank×70A/m²÷0.9 = 7777A/tank

Colour Rectifier : 8000A =3 unit

Customization And Flexibility Automated Anodizing Line Aluminium Alloy Profile 0七. Process Chat

Discription for Un

1) De = Degreasing 

2) Rs = Rinsing,  HW Rs = Hot Water Rinsing 

4) AE = Alkaline Etching  

5) Ne = Neutralization

6)  An = Anodizing

7) Cl = Coloring 

8) Sl = Sealing 

9)  MU = Material Unloading 

10) Pc = Packing 


Customization And Flexibility Automated Anodizing Line Aluminium Alloy Profile 1



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