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Anodizing Line Equipment PLC Control Coloring Power Supply Machine

Anodizing Line Equipment PLC Control Coloring Power Supply Machine
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Feature: Electrical Input
Advantage: Hight Energy Efficiency
Application: Oxidation Production Line
Power Supply AC Power: 50HZ, 380V ± 10%
Static Leaching Time: 0 - 180 Seconds Adjustable
DC Duration: 0 - 180 Seconds
AC To DC Conversion Time: 5-0 Seconds
Adjustable AC Rise: 25-50 Seconds
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MEI-ALU
Model Number: EDAC-12--13000A
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Export Stander Packing
Delivery Time: 20-30days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 20pcs/month
Product Description

Anodizing Line Equipment PLC Control Coloring Power Supply Machine



EDAC-12 series DC-AC double wave coloring power mainly based on ELCA Italy, Spain, Germany, the United States and other similar coloring power supply (in line with the standard IEC - 146 ) and special coloring technology successfully developed high energy power products.



1.applicable to aluminum alloy extruded profiles for architecture, electrolytic coloring of aluminum alloy car parts surface coloring and other special uses electrolytic coloring power supply place.

2.DC-AC intelligent coloring power operation started with a pulsating DC output, on aluminum alloy surface after oxidation surface film layer activation, shaping the homogenization treatment, so that the subsequent AC electrodeposition of metal ions coloring color consistency (i.e., small color difference ), especially in light color series ( such as: color, champagne imitating the color of stainless steel and light bronze etc.) have better uniform coloring performance. This kind of coloring power can be used for single salt, salt and nickel salt additives series products.



三. advantage

1,.aluminum alloy surface coloring uniformity were improved

Intelligent DC AC coloring power supply is used for pulsating DC current homogenizing treatment, again with AC voltage coloring, form a consistent surface color.

2, the strong adaptability of process

Intelligent DC AC coloring power than ordinary coloring power to process has stronger adaptability, not only to the tin salt, salt has good coloring ability, but also on the single nickel salt also has very good adaptability, especially the special formula of single nickel salt, shallow series ( champagne, imitating the color of stainless steel coloring etc. ) color reproduction. The DC-AC coloring power can also be run separately communicate coloring function.




1, the main circuit adopts the large power two induction regulator Surge, contactor as the circuit contact switch

​2, through the PLC according to the output voltage deviation adjustment of the automatic voltage stabilizing function

In 3, PLC output voltage digital given to achieve time adjustable

4, setting the current limit, pressure, over-temperature protection

5, set a variety of shader model

In 6, touching screen to realize the state setting, parameter setting, data display and fault display

In 7, PLC can realize the communication with the host computer, the implementation of on-line control and data acquisition

In 8, the intelligent touch screen has a DC+ sine wave, DC+ asymmetric wave function;



五.Using criteria

(1) altitude not more than 1000 meters ( in 1000 meters of above can appropriate derating use);

(2) ambient temperature -15~+40 ℃;

(3) the relative air humidity is less than 85%;

(4) the installation site without severely affecting power insulating gas, steam, chemical deposition, dust, dirt and other explosive etching medium;

(5) the installation site should be no severe vibration or bumps;

(6) power supply fluctuation is less than± 10%.

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