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380V Aluminium Extrusion Handling System 700T Capacity Semiautomatic

380V Aluminium Extrusion Handling System 700T Capacity Semiautomatic
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Capacity: 700T
System Size: L26000 * W6000 *H800
Operation Style: Semiautomatic Or Automatic
Conveyance: 4 Level Felt Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Gap: 1000
Initial Table Size: L7000*W510*H800
Voltage: 380V~415v
High Light:

380V Aluminium Extrusion Handling System


Aluminium Extrusion Handling System 700T

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MEI-AL
Model Number: AEHS-700T
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Export Stander Packing
Delivery Time: 30-60days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1set/3 month
Product Description

700T Technical parameters of Handling System




1. Description

1.1 Overall Length:32000mm(L) * 8000mm(W) * 800mm(H) (Not include the length of initial table)

1.2 Conveyance:4 level felt conveyor belt

(Individual belt replace design)

1.3 Conveyor gap:1230mm

1.4 Conveyor belt changeover rapidly

1.5 PLC: Mitsubishi

1.6 Main electrical parts:Tengen

1.7 Felt belts: Made in China

1.8 Bearing : LK(Made in China)

1.9 Cycloidal needle motor (Reducer & motor: Made in China)

1.10 Fan: Made in China


2. Initial table L10000 mm*W610mm*H800m

2.1 Structure

2.1.1 Initial table height adjustable with hand help device. The adjustment range is within 100mm.

2.1.2 Initial table fixed with two pcs of graphite plates to guide extruded aluminum.

2.1.3 All roller sleeves are free run.

2.1.4 Equipped with 10 sets of 1.1kw axial flow cooling fans with air trough to cool the aluminum profile on top of initial table, and 10 sets of 0.37kw duckbill centrifugal cooling fans are equipped below.


2.2 Configuration

2.2.1 PBO roller sleeve (φ80mm*φ60mm*450mm) 18pcs (550℃)

2.2.2 Axial flow cooling fan (1.1kw) 10 units

2.2.3 Duckbill centrifugal cooling fan (0.37kw) 10 units

2.2.4 Initial table uses 80*40*2.5mm square tube


3. Run out table: (L32000*W610mm*H800mm,Sleeve roller gap: 410mm)


3.1 Structure

3.1.1 All roller sleeves are free run.

3.1.2 Side cover to prevent extruded aluminum profile slip out from table.

3.1.3 Hydraulic control lifting device to place the aluminum profile to conveyor belts of the auto transfer.

3.1.4 Run-out table uses 80*40*3mm square tube and 10# channel steel


3.2 Configuration

3.2.1 High temp roller sleeve (φ96mm*φ76mm*450mm) 85pcs (450℃)

3.2.2 Lifting device (Hydraulic) 1 set

3.2.3 Hydraulic station (Q=40L/min, W=2.2kw) Motor & reversing valve: Made in China 1set

3.2.4 Oil cylinder (Inner φ63×250mm) (HOB type) 1pc

3.2.5 Descending stroke: 45mm


4. Auto transfer L 32000mm*W 780mm

  1. Configuration

4.1.1 The height of auto transfer is slightly lower than run out table, to ensure that the aluminum profile would not rub against the felts.

4.1.2 The felts can only be rotated forward.

4.1.3 Rack with 8# channel steel, main shaft diameter is 40mm and split shaft diameter is 35mm

  1. Configuration

4.2.1 High temp felt (W80mm*T10mm) 26pcs (450℃)

4.2.2 Aluminum beam (extruded aluminum, W100mm*H92mm) 27pcs

4.2.3 Cycloidal needle motor BWD3-2.2 kw 1 unit

4.2.4 Conveyor speed: 11m/min

4.2.5 Big side Plate: Die-casting aluminum with power coating

4.2.6 Side Plate: Die-casting aluminum with power coating

4.2.7 Large aluminum wheel: Die-casting aluminum

4.2.8 Small aluminum wheel: Extruded aluminum profile

  1. Cooling table (L 32000mm*W 2100mm)


5.1.1 This cooling table is used to store aluminum profile and let it cool to the proper temp before straightening

5.1.2 Cooling table transfers aluminum profile to stretcher table.

5.1.3 The felts can be rotated forward and reverse.

5.1.4 Rack with 10# channel steel and 5# angle steel, main shaft diameter is 40mm and split shaft diameter is 35mm



5.2.1 High temp felt (W100mm*T10mm) 27pcs (450℃)

5.2.2 Aluminum beam (extruded aluminum, W120mm*H92mm) 27 pcs

5.2.3 Cycloidal needle motor BWD4-3 kw 1 unit

5.2.4 Conveyor speed: 11m/min

5.2.5 Side Plate: Die-casting aluminum with power coating

5.2.6 Large aluminum wheel: Die-casting aluminum

5.2.7 Small aluminum wheel: Extruded aluminum profile


6. Stretcher Table: (L 32000mm*W 1340mm)

6.1 Structure

6.1.1 Transfer aluminum profile from cooling table to stretcher table.

6.1.2 The conveyor belts of each group of the stretcher machine are manually pushed forward or backward.

6.1.3 Rack with 12# channel steel and 5# angle steel, main shaft diameter is 40mm.

6.2 Configuration

6.2.1 Medium temp felt (W80mm*T10mm) 26 pcs (280℃)

6.2.2 Aluminum beam (extruded aluminum, W100mm*H92mm) 26 pcs

6.2.3 Cycloidal needle motor BWD3-2.2 kw 1 unit

6.2.4 Conveyor speed: 11m/min

6.2.5 Side Plate: Die-casting aluminum with power coating

6.2.6 Small aluminum wheel: Extruded aluminum profile


7. Storage Table (L 32000mm*W 2700m)

7.1 Structure

7.1.1 Store and shift the aluminum profile to cutting table.

7.1.2 The felts can be rotated forward and reverse.

7.1.3 Rack with 10# channel steel, main shaft diameter is 40mm and split shaft diameter is 35mm.


7.2 Configuration

7.2.1 Medium temp felt (W100mm*T10mm) 27 pcs (280℃)

7.2.2 Aluminum beam (extruded aluminum, W120mm*H92mm) 27 pcs

7.2.3 Cycloidal needle motor BWD4-3kw 1 unit

7.2.4 Conveyor speed: 11m/min

7.2.5 Side Plate: Die-casting aluminum with power coating

7.2.6 Large aluminum wheel: Die-casting aluminum

7.2.7 Small aluminum wheel: Extruded aluminum profile


8. Cutting table (L32000mm*W910mm*H760mm Roller gap: 410mm)

8.1 Structure

8.1.1 The cutting table achieves ascending and descending by hydraulic, and place the conveyed aluminum profile on the roller sleeves smoothly.

8.1.2 All roller sleeves are free run, with 3 sets of automatic feeding rollers to convey the aluminum profile to the finishing saw.

8.1.3 Every 2.46m with fixed side stopper roller to prevent aluminum profile slip from table, it can also help operators arrange aluminum profile and prepare for sawing.

8.1.4 After sawing, the conveying roller will be reversed to prevent the aluminum profile from contacting the reversing saw blade.

8.1.5 Rack with 80*40*3mm square tube.


8.2 Configuration

8.2.1 Low temp roller sleeve (φ76*φ60* 800mm) 85 pcs (180℃)

8.2.2 Conveyor speed :39m/min

8.2.3 Oil cylinder (Inner φ63×250mm) (HOB type) 1pc

8.2.4 Descending stroke: 45mm

8.2.5 Cycloidal needle motor: BWD0-0.75 kw 4 units



9. 60T stretcher machine (1000T extruder)

1). Function

  1. The extruded aluminum material will bend even if it is driven by the puller machine. After the aluminum profile is cooled, the aluminum profile needs to be transported to the stretcher machine by the for straightening treatment.
  2. The stretcher machine consists of four parts: main jaw, auxiliary jaw, straightening machine frame and hydraulic system.
  3. The main jaw and the auxiliary jaw are manually operated to compress the aluminum profile
  4. The main jaw can be rotated to meet different needs. The auxiliary jaw is fixed and cannot be rotated.
  5. The auxiliary jaw is driven by an oil motor and can travel back and forth on the frame to match the aluminum profile of different lengths. The distance between each straightening interval is 500mm.

2) . Technical parameters

  1. Rack length:34000mm
  2. Rack with 22# channel steel as the main frame, with 40mm diameter shaft connect in the middle.
  3. Max. opening size: H200* W230mm
  4. Iron plate thickness: δ40mm
  5. Hydraulic system
  6. Oil pressure valve: Made in China
  7. Oil pump:76 / 31 double blade pump
  8. Hydraulic cylinder: Made in China
  9. Main jaw hydraulic station: W=22Kw(4P) Made in China
  10. Main cylinder size: φ220mm* 1200mm
  11. Max. pulling force: 60T

10. Finishing saw

Before feeding the aluminum profile into aging furnace, it must be sawn off. The finishing saw cut the aluminum profile according to setting length where the min. length is 1.5m and max. length is 7.5 m. And saw Blade design with lubrication system (water spray)


10.1 Saw blade motor: 4 kw (Made in China)

10.2 Stroke: 850mm (Chrome plated rod type)

10.3 Saw blade dia.: 500mm (20 inches)

10.4 Max. cutting width: 800mm

10.5 Max. cutting height: 170mm

10.6 Rack with 80*40*2.5mm square tube

10.7 quipped with automatic recovery device for aluminum bran, and with 5.5kw medium pressure recovery fan (Made in China)

10.8 Hydraulic station (Q=10L/min W=1.5kw) Motor & reversing valve: Made in China 1 set


11. Final cutting table (L 7000mm*W 910mm Roller gap :410mm)


Manual stopper to set the cutting length. Stopper with pneumatic control system, it can move forward or reverse. While finish cutting, the stopper will move reserve to avoid the aluminum profile touching with saw blade.


11.1 Low temp roller sleeve (φ76*φ60* 800mm) 17pcs (180℃)

11.2 Stopper (pneumatic control) 1 set

11.3 Stopper Length: Minimum : 1.5 meters, Maximum :7meters

11.4 Rack with 80*40*2.5mm square tube

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