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380V - 415V Casting Production Line 30T Aluminum Billet Casting Line

380V - 415V Casting Production Line 30T Aluminum Billet Casting Line
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Name: 30T Aluminium Billet Production Line
Smelting Furnace Capacity: 30T
Smelting Furnace Size: 5500*5500
Furnace Door Size: 2600*1400
Voltage: 380V~415v
Fuel: Natural Gas
Burner Structure: Heat Storage Burner
Smelting Ratr: 4-6T/H
High Light:

380V Casting Production Line


415V Casting Production Line


Aluminum Billet Casting

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MEI-ALU
Model Number: ABPL-30T
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Export Stander Packing
Delivery Time: 70-80days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 0.5set/month
Product Description

Smelting Furnace Technical Parameter

1, Casting platform and dummy bar seat:

1.1, The supply of casting platform includes all crystallizers, aluminum liquid distribution system, cooling water distribution system, and dummy bar system.

1.2, The crystallizer is a double sheet water curtain type crystallizer made of aluminum alloy; The mold blank is made of 6061 aluminum

For rod forging, rough machining of the blank is performed first, followed by CNC drilling and milling work and finishing.

1.3, The graphite ring is made of high purity graphite;

1.4, All refractory materials are "Zhongnai No. 1" prefabricated parts.

1.5, The upper plate thickness of the water tank is 25mm, and the lower plate thickness is 14mm. The water tank is integrally welded. After welding, it is first subjected to hot galvanizing treatment, followed by artificial annealing and straightening treatment. Finally, the assembly position of the crystallizer is processed by a CNC gantry machining center.

1.6, Dummy block bar is safety grid type sructre with a heigh of 800mm and is weled with 14mm ,10mm steel plates,then milled flat on the assembly

1.7, The thickness of “flow plate” prefabricated parts is 10mm.

1.8, Dummy head is automatic centering formula,the material of dummy head is 45# steel.

1.9, Water tank and dummy block are connected with four bolts for overall assembly and diaassembly.

1.10, Water is positioned on the working plane of the water tank through assitional fixed pullerys at four corners.

1-11, The material of the wellhead frame is 250 * 100 * 10 square tube and 14MM steel plate. The four main pulleys of the wellhead frame are installed in 250 * 100 * 10 square tube, and the pipe side is lined with 14MM reinforced steel plate. The main pulleys are designed with dual bearings. The bearing model is 6311, and the groove position of the main pulley is Ф 23MM steel wire rope groove position.

1-12, The hydraulic tilting arm is welded with 25MM steel plate and oil cylinder, and the link hole is precisely processed by a floor boring machine. Using the two tilting arms, synchronous tilting can be achieved.

3-13, The material of the bottom car is 250 * 100 * 10 square tubes and 25MM steel plates. After the bottom car is welded as a whole, it is processed by the gantry processing center for plane processing, so that the entire bottom car has a unified reference plane after processing, achieving balanced stress on the four steel ropes. The four corner steel wire adjusting bolts of the bottom car are stainless steel bolts.

1.13, (Note: Due to the particularity of wire rope casting machines, slight bending that is difficult to avoid in the industry will occur, which does not affect the appearance quality).

2, Overview of Aluminum Smelting Furnace Design

The 30T aluminum smelting furnace is a flame reflecting furnace used for aluminum alloy melting, blending, and heat preservation. The main raw material is 50% aluminum ingot+50% other raw materials. The structure is a rectangular furnace with a fixed inclined door. This aluminum smelting furnace adopts a 630 wall standard insulation furnace wall, a semi cast structure, and a regenerative natural gas energy-saving combustion system.

Performance parameters of smelting furnace

Index Parameter
Furnace type structure  Fixed rectangular furnace
Lining structure Semi casting Top casting
Volume  30T
Furance body size  5500mm*5500mm
Furance wall steel thickness 160+6mm
Thinckness of furnace wall lining  630mm
Arerage liquid aluminum depth  650mm
Furnace mouth type  Inclined hearth
Furnace mouth size  2600mm*1400mm
Furnace sill width  500mm
Furnace mouth vertical width 500mm
Furnace door lifiting mode Motor with balance weight
Furnace door locking method  Self weight compaction
Power requirements  380V / 220V
Liquid aluminum grade  Series 1-8
Woring temperature of mdten pool  650-780 degrees
Furance atmosphere temperature pool  1000-1200
Fuel  Natural gas
Fuel calorific value requirments


The customer supply pressure is 0.08-0.1Mpa. Furnace outlet gas pipeline: DN80,

maximum flow rate 350Nm ³/ H;

Burner type Regenerative burner
Burner number  Suncha
Volumetric rate  4-6 tons/hour
Energy consumption index during the volumetric period

65 m3/t aluminum

Calculate by melting the aluminum ingot to 710 degrees during continuous operation

Furnace shell temperature

≤ ambient temperature+35 ℃

Except for the areas around the burner, around the furnace door, on the flue surface,

around the opening of each monitoring point, at the water outlet,

and at the places where reinforcing ribs are provided

to improve the strength of the furnace shell.

Discharge method of aluminum liquid Water hole brick with fiber sleeve
Height of aluminum liquid outlet 690mm above the foundation surface
Liquid aluminum outlet flow rate  ≥ 800kg/min

2.2 Aluminum melting furnace material shell:

Furnace position Material
Furnace side 16 # I-beam+16 # channel steel,+6mm Q235 steel plate production.
Frnace bottom 16 # I-beam+16 # channel steel,+10mm Q235 steel plate production.
Frnace top 22 I-beam+20 # channel steel fabrication, 10 # I-beam
Frnace maintain top 22 # channel steel, 16 # I-beam for sun shaped frame, with ladder and guardrail
Furnace mouth rail 18KG rail


2.3 Refractory lining:

Component Material Measurement
Frnace wall of molten pool(630mm) Non adhesive aluminum casting material 86# 230mm
Lightweight thermal insulation brick-floating bead 1.0 65mm
Lightweight thermal insulation brick-floating bead 1.0 230mm
Alumium silicate board made cotton 50mm*2
Non frnace wall of molten pool(630mm) Grade 1 clay brick 3.8KG 230mm
Lightweight thermal insulation brick-floating 1.0 230mm+65mm
Aluminum silicate board made cotton 50mm*2

Furnace bottom and furnace door slope

(Minimum 530mm)

Non adhesive aluminum casting material 86# 250mm
Impermeable casting material 80mm
Lightweight thermal insulation brick-floating 1.0 65mm*3
Furnacetop-flat roof material(Average430mm) Low cement casting material 70# 280mm
Alumium silicate board made cotton 30mm
Thermal insulation castable 100mm
Burner 88#Corundun castable 1100mm*850mm
Water gap Corundun water gap castble Ø75,Ø65
Hearth frame Corundun steel fiber castble85# 500mm
Furnace sill CorundunMullitesteelfibercastable 500mm
Furnace door Low cement castable 220mm
Alumiun silicate board made cotton 30mm
Stainless steel tie bar  
Steel plate:deckle board 20mm,Rib plate 25mm,bottom plate 30mm
Fransimission mechanism Cycloid reducer:2.2KW-6Pmotor;transmission shaft :Φ75mm45# round bar steel
Chain:2 inches single chain,G80 16chain;


3. Introduction to regenerative combustion system(natural gas )equiment:

The company’s products have the following technologies to achieve good energy-saving goals and stability.

A Air fuel ratio; Mixing and matching the ratio in the gun before spraying out for combustion will not cause excessive combustion and will not be pumped back into the heat storage passage, resulting in secondary combustion and short service life of the heat storage barrel and ball. (Most of the traditional and existing equipment on the market are not fully combusted, and the waste heat recovery hot gas cannot be fully recycled. Especially, many equipment is mixed and combusted in the furnace, which is also one of the unsafe factors.)

B Waste heat recovery; The normal temperature in the furnace is 1150 ° C. After our technical recovery, the exhaust gas temperature is below 180 ° C. The remaining thermal energy temperature is recycled to the heat storage tank for preheating the air pumped in for combustion support. (Our technical key is to fully recycle the residual heat.) (The traditional exhaust gas temperature is above 250 ° C. The outer wall temperature of the heat storage tank is too high to be touched by hand.)

C Furnace pressure control; In the process of waste heat recovery, due to full combustion and reasonable proportion, all fans are equipped with frequency conversion. When the furnace pressure is too high, increase the induced air, and pump the excess furnace pressure back to the heat storage tank for preheating, so there is no fire spraying or black smoke, and there is no need to leave a pressure relief opening at the furnace door.

D Three way valve technology; The open and close cylinder made of high-temperature resistant steel does not cross wind, and the maintenance rate is extremely low (traditional four-way valve, rotating mode, cross wind leads to energy consumption, and the maintenance rate is very high, and high altitude maintenance is very troublesome)

E Safety performance: Safety is no trivial matter, and our safety factor configuration is the most important. We have more valves than others, and we also have one more set. (There are two sets of shut-off valves and one set of natural gas filtration valves installed) Moreover, it has an automatic safety detection function. When starting up, it automatically detects within three seconds. If there is any abnormality, the gas will be immediately cut off and the alarm will sound immediately, At the same time, the PLC microcomputer shows the problem (other equipment core technologies cannot bedemonstratedonebyone).

3.1 Electrical control:

The control cabinet is made of high-precision cold rolled steel plate, with excellent mechanical and technological performance.

The fan control adopts frequency conversion control, which can adjust speed freely, saving energy and environmental protection.

The flame detection element adopts a high-precision ultraviolet detection device.

All electrical control cabinets are equipped with cooling fans to ensure the safe and stable operation of the entire system.

The ignition of the burner adopts the ignition electrode plus natural gas method for ignition, which is safe and reliable to operate on the touch screen.

The three-way valve alternately reverses direction (the reversing time can be set) to achieve efficient utilization of residual heat.

Comprehensive alarm functions, including temperature alarm, fan alarm, gas alarm, reversing valve alarm, and other system alarms, with accurate display

Provides alarm information for customer reference.

3.2 Use feature:

A. Reasonable pipeline network layout and more user-friendly control and operation system, coupled with reasonable adjustment by professional and technical personnel, ensure the optimal energy-saving effect of stable combustion system.

B. The reasonable configuration of the air supply system and the induced air system can ensure that the flue gas is sucked out by the fan circulation system, thereby reducing the workshop pollution caused by escaping from the furnace door.

C. The microcomputer intelligent control system can ensure that the combustion system can operate and work in the best environmental and economic mode under cold, hot, and high temperature conditions.

D. The microcomputer intelligent program control operating system ensures that the operation of staff is easy, simple, and safe.

E. The ignition system equipped with the combustion system greatly incease opration safety.

F. Humanized structural design and reasonable structural layout significantly extend the service life of the combustion system.

G. The altermating use of combustion system advios continuous high temperature of the hot sopt,significantly reducing the burning loss.

H. Preheated combustion supporting air significantly improves the optimal air air mix ratio of the combustion system, enabling the furnace to rapidly warm up, thereby shortening the unit consumption time of smelting and improving the working efficiency of the combustion system.

I. The reasonable configuration of the air supply system, the induced air system, and the combustion system can significantly improve the heat recovery rate in high-temperature flue gas, thereby minimizing fuel consumption.

3.3 Main technical parameters of aluminum melting furnace:

Oder number content Data Note
1 Melting rate during melting period ≥4-6T/H
2 Melting peiod unit energy consumption 60±5m3/T alumium

aluminum will

Calculate by melting the aluminum ingot to 710 degrees during continuous operation

3 Fuel type Natural gas 8400kcal/m3 8400kcal/m3
4 Burner type Regenerative gas burner  
5 Brner number One set, 2 in total  
6 Burner power 3500Kw/piece Meet melting rate requirments
7 Maximum fuel consumption Max 350Nm3/h  


interface pressure

9 Gas interface pressure burner load regulation method PLC regulate  
10 Excess air coefficient 1.05~1.15  
11 Ignition mode of burner Ignition lance  
12 Main flame detection 1 per burner SUV ion flame detection




Combustion fan

Form 9-19 Type A Centrifugal Fan


Burner sharing

Number 1piece
Firing way Invertar starter
parameter 22kw




Smoke exhaust fan

Form 9-19 Type C Centrifugal Fan


Burner sharing

Number 1 piece
Firing way Inverter starter
Parameter 37kw




Ignition and UV cooling fan

Form 9-19 Type A Centrifugal Fan  
Number 1piece  
Firing way Direct start  
Parameter 3kw  
16 Main exhaust gas temperature ≤180℃  
17 compressed air 0.4~0.6MPa  
18 Furnace temperature measurement One K-type thermocouple  
19 Exhaust gas temperature measurement One K-type thermocouple  
20 Temperature measurement of heat storage tank Two K-type thermocouples  
21 gross power 62KW  

4Main configurations of natural gas combustion:

classify component Material/Model Origin/Brand Quantity/Unit






Combustion system

Main gas gun 310SStainless steel Platinum aluminum 2 sets
Ignition gun 310SStainless steel Platinum aluminum 2 sets
Heat storage tank A3 Stainless plate Angang Steel 1 set
Combusion fan 22kw,3KW Foshan 1 set each
Induced draft fan 37KW Foshan 1set
Filter DN80


Domestic joint venture brands, Shineng, Yamamoto, NuoyiAstechnic,

compression release valve DN80 1set
compression release valve DN20 1set
Solenoid valve DN80 3sets
Solenoid valve DN15 1set
Solenoid valve DN15 2sets




Contrl ststem

PLC   Siemens 1set
Extension model   Siemens 1 set
Touch screen   Kunlun Tongtai 1 set
Flame detection   Honeywell 2 sets
Intermediate relay   Omron 1set
Circuit breaker and contactor   chint 1set
frequency transformer   frequency transformer 2sets


5, Total price, payment method and delivery period:

1), Total price:RMB

(1646000 yuan).(The above price includes taxes and does not include equipment transportation costs).

2), Settlement method:

① After signed contract,Party A shall pay 30% of the total purchase price to Party B as the equipment deposit.

②, After the equipment is manufactured, before the equipment is shipped, Party A shall pay 65% of the total payment to Party B as the equipment payment.

③, Upon arrival of the goods at the installation site of Party A, Party A shall install and debug them on its own. If there is no objection or acceptance within one month after installation and debugging, it shall be deemed to have passed the acceptance.

④, The warranty period of the equipment is 6 months (excluding vulnerable parts). After the expiration of the warranty period, Party A shall pay 5% of the total purchase price to Party B as the equipment deposit.

3),Settlement by T/T.

4), Delivery conditions are met within 75 days after receiving the equipment deposit.

5), The above prices are spot exchange prices, with an additional 4% for acceptance.


6, Responsibilities of Party B:

1), Responsible for the design, manufacturing, installation, and guidance of commissioning of the supplied equipment.

2), Provide Party A with technical data required for use and maintenance.


7, Responsibilities of Party A

1). Provide free accommodation for Party B's installation and commissioning personnel.

1.1. Food standard: one vegetarian and one meat dish for dinner, and the satiety of rice supply (according to the existing standards in Party A's factory)

1.2. Provide installation tools, consumables, and lifting equipment free of charge for use by Party B's installation and commissioning personnel.

2). Party A shall be responsible for the transportation costs of the equipment.

3). Party A shall be responsible for the travel expenses and visa fees of Party B's installation and commissioning personnel.

4). Party A shall be responsible for the foreign installation subsidies for Party B's installation and commissioning personnel.

5). If Party A requires Party B to send personnel for installation and commissioning, the expenses for overseas isolation and work delay shall be borne by Party A.

The subsidy is $80 per person per day.


8, Warranty period

Under normal usage conditions, the warranty period of the equipment provided by Party B is 180 days, except for vulnerable parts. This warranty period starts from the day the equipment is loaded for commissioning.


9, Other items:

For matters not covered in this contract, both parties shall negotiate and sign a supplementary agreement, which has the same legal effect as this contract.

Any dispute arising during the performance of this contract shall be settled through friendly negotiation between both parties. If it cannot be resolved, it shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of China.

This contract is made in duplicate, with each party holding one copy. The contract shall take effect after both parties sign and seal and receive the deposit.

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